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“Green" from an Information Technology Perspective.
Data centers produce 2-3% of the global total pollution in the form of power consumption.
This is getting worse as power and cooling requirements double every year, while the equipment grows smaller.
14-20 new power plants must be constructed to feed data center needs alone in the next 5 years.
Our enclosures reduce power consumption for same equipment by around 50%.
They save floor space and Capital Expenditure/Operations Expense for digital resource deployments.

More Efficient

Less energy consumed for the same amount of work means less pollution created to generate that power.

Small Footprint

Reduced environmental impact.
Reduced construction material.

Durable Goods

Not “throw away”.

Faster to Build

Customers using GDS products complete projects 3 times faster.
Less time to impact environment (noise, dust, heavy vehicle).


These are some of our solutions.

World’s Most Efficient Data Center

• On-Scene Command Integration Module 
• ‘Reachback’ Satellite Communications Module
• Voice Interoperability Module

Extreme Storage Solution

•  80 TB per 3-U
• 16K IOPS per Bay
• Extreme Capacity
• Most Green


• Highest Computing Density
• Fastest and Most Cost Effective Networking Solution
• High Efficiency Power for Earth-Friendly Operations
• Most Green

Private Cloud Storage

• Slashes storage costs
• Increases read/write throughput by allowing parallel data transfer
• Accelerates performance and load-balances capacity
• Simplifies deployment by allowing incremental expansion

New Products

These are products we offer along with our solutions. 


Saves water and chemical cost while greatly reducing calcium scaling.

Perma Frost

Greatly reduces thermal degradation and makes HVAC equipment last much longer while using less power in order to cool more efficiently.

D Con 7

A super biocide that destroys all known bacteria along with the site.

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